Software for Clients: Web

Secure Web Pages & Java Applet

The laboratory’s web-based software provides clients with secure access to their reports.  It also allows submission of electronic pathology slips, with embedded images and audio for improved clinicopathologic correlation; tracking of skin cancer follow-ups; ordering of supplies; and much more.

Both are HIPAA-compliant and allow clients to:

  • Read and print dermatopathology reports in their original formatting
  • Track new reports. New reports (those which have not yet been read) are maintained in a queue, and automatically deleted from the queue after they have been read (though this can be overridden). With this mechanism, clients can be certain they will never miss a report. Both the physician and their assistant can have their own queue (so that a report is not removed from the physician’s queue when the assistant reads it).
  • Find old reports by patient name, medical record number, surgery date, or diagnosis
  • Set patient reminders. It is possible to set a single reminder for a case, or create a whole schedule of reminders at once (for skin cancer follow-up, for example). The user is sent a message on the reminder’s trigger date, and the complete set of reminders for a practice can be printed out at any time. This system provides a much more convenient alternative to the manual methods of tracking skin cancer follow-up used in most practices.

The applets provide additional functionality, including:

  • Access to immunodermatology, as well as dermatopathology, reports. The immunodermatology reports are rendered in their original format, as PDFs, and include embedded images (positive direct immunofluorescence results are always documented with annotated digital photographs).
  • Submission of pathology requisitions (slips). Cases can be submitted electronically, rather than with a paper requistion form. The electronic pathology slip can include embedded digital images, which may be used by the lab for clinicopathologic correlation and remain available to the client indefinitely via the applet. The images can be annotated with the applet (to mark the site of a biopsy, for example). Digitized audio comments can be recorded with the applet and attached to a slip in the same way as digital images.
  • Request lab supplies (specimen bottles, mailers, etc)
  • Send secure messages to the lab

Although the applets are more functional, the secure web-pages may be preferred by some clients, because they do not require java. The same username/password combinations work with both.

Software Demos

If you would like to try our web-based software, you can reach the applets at and the webpages at  Log-on with a username of “adoctor” and password of “adoctor” (if trying the applet, log-on to the dermatopathology, not immunodermatology, lab). You can access 7 new reports or search for old reports by name (try last names of “Smith”, “Russell”, and “Fedburg”).

Please remember that you can also communicate with the lab through our unique and powerful Smartphone Software, available for iPhone and Android, or through a bidirectional interface which we can create for any electronic medical record system to offer clients a completely paperless dermatopathology workflow.