Fleming Dermatopathogy offers the following services:

  • Routine processing and interpretation of skin biopsy and excision specimens
  • Processing and slide preparation for practioners who wish to perform their own interpretations
  • Special stains and immunohistochemistry

Turn-around time is 24 hours unless deeper sections, special stains, or immunohistochemistry is required.

Specimens are collected and reports delivered by our courier in Milwaukee and its suburbs. They are collected by overnight mail from other areas, adding on average only one half day to the total turnaround time. The lab pays transportation expenses and supplies all necessary materials.

Reports can be mailed, faxed, or delivered electronically. They can be accessed over the Web by several mechanisms, delivered to your smartphone, and/or transmitted to your electronic health record (EHR) system. We have the tools and experience to interface with any EHR, even one using proprietary message formats, for automatic, bidirectional interchange of electronic requisitions and reports.

Fleming Dermatopathology is especially interested in clinicopathologic correlations.

Dr. Fleming is a practicing dermatologist as well as dermatopathologist, and is available at any time to discuss a case. Also, the lab has developed unique software technology designed primarily to facilitate clinicopathologic correlation. For example, the software on both our Web and smartphone platforms can transmit clinical photographs to the lab, where they can be used for clinicopathologic correlation as well as for routine clinical documentation. The software can also record and transmit digital audio, and both the images and audio remain available to the submitting clinician on our website. You could, for example, take a picture of a challenging case with your smartphone’s camera and submit the photograph with your specimen. (It has been formally demonstrated that the diagnostic specificity of dermatopathologists is improved by submitting clinical photos with the specimens.) Or, you could use our software to take a picture with your smartphone’s camera, annotate it on the smartphone to mark the site of a biopsy, and then refer to it on our website. All our software is secure and HIPAA-compliant.